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The eligibility requirements for obtaining a temporary work permit may vary based on the type of permit an applicant is seeking and their specific qualifications. Some basic requirements for a temporary work permit include:

  • Presently residing in Canada and possessing a valid study or work permit or having a spouse or parent with a valid study or work permit.
  • Holding a diploma from a Canadian college or university.
  • Having a temporary resident permit that is valid for a minimum of six months.
  • Awaiting the processing of a permanent residence application by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

There are variety of work permit options are available.

  • Graduate Work Permit
  • Upon successful completion of studies at a recognized college or institution, the applicant may be eligible to receive a work permit ranging from a minimum of one year to a maximum of three years.

  • Closed Work Permit
  • A closed work permit can be obtained upon receiving a favourable Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA, previously known as a Labor Market Opinion).

  • Bridging Work Permit
  • An applicant may have the opportunity to extend their work permit if they have already been approved for Provincial Nomination or have initiated the process for obtaining Permanent Residence.

For comprehensive information on work permits and available options, please reach out to Global Era Immigration for further assistance.