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The Federal Skilled Trade Class is a program for individuals seeking permanent residency in Canada based on their skills in a specific trade. Candidates must use the Express Entry system to apply for this program as of January 1, 2015. The Express Entry system streamlines the application process for skilled workers. This program provides a valuable opportunity for skilled trade workers to immigrate to Canada and contribute to the country's economy.

  • Reside outside the province of Quebec. (Note: Quebec has its own process for selecting skilled workers. If you intend to live in Quebec, refer to the information on Quebec-selected skilled workers.)
  • Attain the necessary proficiency levels in either English or French, including speaking, reading, writing, and listening.
  • Possess a minimum of two years of full-time work experience (or equivalent part-time experience) in a skilled trade within the last five years prior to application.
  • Comply with the job requirements for the specified skilled trade as stated in the National Occupational Classification (NOC), excluding the requirement for a certificate of qualification, and either have a full-time employment offer for at least one year or hold a certificate of qualification in the trade issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial authority.
  • Meet the criteria for admission into Canada
  • It is mandatory to intend to reside outside of the Quebec province.
Skilled work experience

The Federal Skilled Trades Program currently recognizes the following major and minor groups of the National Occupational Classification (NOC) for eligibility in the Skilled Trades category:

  • Major Group 72, industrial, electrical and construction trades,
  • Major Group 73, maintenance and equipment operation trades,
  • Major Group 82, supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production,
  • Major Group 92, processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators,
  • Minor Group 632, chefs and cooks,
  • Minor Group 633, butchers and bakers.
These major groups under the NOC are further broken down into various occupations.

If you meet above requirement or have questions, please react out to Global Era Immigration.